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    2019-05-17  Bio-Gene joins hands with m2p-labs to participated in the 2019 seminar on the theory and application of biological breeding and high-through  
    2019-05-07  Bio-Gene invites you to join 2019 the 8th seminar on the theory and application of biological breeding and high-throughput screening technol  
    2019-05-07  Bio-Gene joins hands with Bertin Technologies to participated in the 5th AACR New Horizons in Cancer Research Conference  
    2019-04-26  Bio-Gene invites you to attend the 5th AACR International Conference New Horizons in Cancer Research  
    2019-04-26  Bio-Gene joins hands with Apogee Flow Systems to participated in the 2019 Seminar on Exosomes and Diseases  
    2019-03-12  Bio-Gene invites you to join 2019 2019 Conference on High-Throughput Screening technology on Bioprocess, Biologics and Screening Equipments  
      Training & Seminars
    2019-01-23  Bio-Gene 2018 annual meeting held successfully  
    2017-04-07  New products demonstration and Training Conference for Bio-Gene’s Partners (Guangzhou) successfully concluded  
    2016-06-13  Apogee flow cytometer was successfully installed in The Institute of Translational Medicine, The Second Military Medical University  
    2016-04-28  Technology seminar-- RainDrop, A New Generation Of Digital PCR Liquid Droplets Biopsy Technique  
    2016-04-28  Technology seminar-- The Ideal Technology To Analysis Exosomes and Microvesicles In Blood  
    2016-04-18  Thanks for all the customers’ support!Nano particles flow analysis and experience sharing seminar was held in Beijing successfully!!  
      Promotion & Service
    2018-08-07  Congratulations! Once again, Bio-Gene become the exclusive distributor of Apogee Flow Systems Ltd in China  
    2015-02-11  Bio-Gene Received A Certificate of Appreciation from BMG LABTECH  
    2014-10-24  新品推介:LEDETECT96_8通道吸光度读板仪  
    2014-10-23  OMNI_Pre-6多通道组织研磨器现可申请试用!  
    2014-07-03  Apogee流式细胞仪夏日冰爽促销  
    2014-03-08  关注伯齐科技官方微信即可享受Omni样品研磨器五折优惠
      Company News
    2018-02-02  Bio-Gene 2017 annual meeting was successfully held  
    2017-11-16  Congratulations! Bio-Gene Received the 2017 Sales Award from BMG LABTECH for the great relationship and outstanding performance  
    2016-03-14  Bio-Gene 2015 annual meeting held successfully  
    2016-02-01  Congratulations! Bio-Gene Received The Certificate of Appreciation from BMG LABTECH for the 2015 Excellent Sales & Service Performance  
    2015-10-08  Celebration of New Business Facility  
    2015-07-08  Bio-Gene finished the BMG multi-mode microplate reader product training in Germany  
    2015-03-13  Bio-Gene 2014 annual meeting held successfully in Hong Kong  
    2011-10-31  Seahorse Bioscience Named to the 2011 Inc. 500|5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America
    2011-03-31  BMG First Winner of a Free Microplate Reader Announced
    2010-10-22  Roche and Fluidigmwill co-promote Roche 454 Life Sciences' GS FLX and GS Junior sequencing systems with Fluidigm's Access Array System
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