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            Since founded in 1993,Bio-Gene Technology Ltd. has been and still is the leader in supplying of life sciences related instruments and reagents.Bio-Gene Technology Ltd. distributes world renowned instruments and reagents for life sciences research,clinical diagnostic and related industries. 
          We provide professional pre- and post-sales services and work hand in hand with our customers from problem profiling to solution implementation. 
          We commit to surpass our customers’ expectation by providing the best products and services.
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    HongKong Office: Tel:+852-2646 6101    Fax:+852-2686 8806    E-mail:info@bio-gene.com.cn
    Address: Unit 16,20/F, Grandtech Centre, 8 On Ping Street, Shatin, HongKong.
    Tel (China): 176 2009 3784    E-mail:info@bio-gene.com.cn